Retirement Wishes

When a friend, loved one or colleague is about to retire the natural reaction is to want them to enjoy the next stage of their life. You want to see them taking it easy and appreciating their new free time. The way in which we express those feelings is usually by sending them a retirement card message and gift. Something that lets them know we're thinking of them and wishing them well in the new, exciting phase they're about to embark on.

It may not seem like much but even a small gesture can help someone to feel more confident about something like retirement. It can be a daunting prospect when you've spent a lifetime working. So use one of these 100 retirement wishes to find the perfect words to let someone know just how much you're thinking of them. A touching or inspirational retirement message may help settle any nerves they have or just be a reminder of how much you care. So what are you waiting for - get writing!

Retirement Wishes

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Retirement Card Messages

What to Write in a Retirement Card

Writing an inspirational retirement message might seem difficult but can be done without you feeling too much stress. Your friends, family or coworkers will appreciate you taking the time to wish them a happy retirement. And some thoughtful, positive words can really help to settle any nerves about retiring and know the people they love will be right their beside them as they move into the next chapter of life.

We've compiled this extensive list of 100 retirement wishes to help you get the best message and hopefully inspire you to say something lovely. However if you want to write your own, with your own words, you can follow some simple steps.

What Not to Say

Sample Retirement Message

Our aim is to make writing a retirement card much simpler so you can offer the retiring friend or colleague support and friendship as they go off into the sunset. A great way to make your card that little bit more special is by adding your own personal touches to it. Try personalizing our retirement notes with a retirement quote for more inspirational words.

Funny Retirement Messages

If you want to make the recipient of your card smile or have a laugh then try our funny retirement wishes. A funny message can aid in calming any nerves and keeping them positive whilst they make the transition from working life, which is key to enjoying retirement. So crack a joke, pull their leg and have some fun with their big moment.

Retirement Poems

A poem is a great way to express your feelings and really show you care, and you can find a whole range of retirement poems right here. Send them in your card or share them on Facebook to let others join in wishing someone a happy retirement.

Retirement Prayers

Saying a prayer for whoever is retiring is another really good way to let someone know you're thinking of them. A prayer to have a happy and smooth retirement, fulfilling all your dreams or to take comfort in God during such a new stage of life will be warmly appreciated.

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