Retirement Wishes for Boss

If your boss is about to retire you are probably going to be wishing them the best of luck in the next chapter of their life. But what you say and how you congratulate them will depend on the type of boss they were and how you got along.

Many bosses are mentor type figures who nurture their employees, guiding them as their career progresses. Quite often a relationship like this is very special and so finding the perfect retirement wishes for your boss becomes even more important. But expressing how you feel can be difficult and finding the right words doesn't always come easily. Alternatively you and your boss may not have been very close, in which case a less informal, short message would be far more appropriate.

Whatever the situation though the retirement messages for bosses you will find below should help either to inspire you to write your own or can be used as they are. A friendly goodbye and cherry happy retirement as they head off into retired life will be a fitting farewell to your boss and undoubtedly appreciated.

Retirement Wishes for Boss

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Manager Retirement Wishes

What do you Write in a Boss's Retirement Card

When your boss or manager retires it can be tough finding the right words. What do you say to a retiring boss? Should you focus on their career and all they've achieved? Reminisce about goods times you may have had together? Thank them for their help and guidance? Or just simply wish them all the best for the future. Much will depend on the type of boss they were, and you can find some more tips on writing your message below. But however you choose to wish them a happy retirement they will appreciate the gesture and kind words as they move on to the next phase of their life.

We've put together this list of retirement wishes for a boss to give you the inspiration and assistance in coming up with the perfect message for your supervisor. If you'd prefer to write your message in your own words then try these tips.

Sample Retirement Message for Bosses

We want to ensure that writing a retirement card message is a simple task, letting you really express how you felt about your boss. You can make your card and farewell more memorable by including a gift, flowers or keepsake to remind them of all their years of service at the company.

Funny Retirement Quotes for Boss

Humour is often the perfect way to say goodbye to someone special. If you think a joke or sarcasm is ideal for your card then you could try our funny retirement wishes. A funny message could be perfect for poking fun at a retiring boss whilst also saying how much you will miss them, possibly even helping to relax them as they face this brand new part of their life.

Retirement Poems for a Boss

A well considered poem can be a great way to show your boss what they meant to you. Try looking at our retirement poems to see if any fit your situation. You can use them in a card, send them via email or even put them on Facebook and encourage others to share their thoughts and messages about the retiree.

Farewell Boss Retirement Quotes

Saying farewell to a boss you've looked up to can be tough. You'll want to make sure they know how special they've been to you and thank them for their help. A farewell quote to say goodbye and have a fulfilling retirement, will be warmly received and appreciated.

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