Retirement Messages for a Friend

A good friend who has reached the stage of life where they can retire deserves recognition. It's an achievement in itself to have had such a long career. And to now be on the verge of retirement means you should be celebrating with your pal. Which means you need to know what to say to congratulate them on their retirement. Something that shows how pleased and proud of them you are, that as a close friend comes from the heart.

A touching and well considered retirement message can be a real help to a friend of yours. Retirement can be daunting and they may have fears and doubts. Well wishes from the people closest to them in life can be reassuring. So try one of these retirement quotes for friends as a guide or inspiration to help you write the perfect message for a friend retiring and help ease them into this exciting new period of their life.

Retirement Wishes for a Friend

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Retirement Congratulations to a Friend

What to Write in a Retirement Card for a Friend

When a close friend retires it can be harder to know what to say to them than a colleague or acquaintance. As you have a deeper bond you will probably want to say something more meaningful. A good friend will appreciate you taking time to talk openly about how happy you are for them and all they've achieved. Plus with retirement being an anxious time for some, the support of a friend can make it seem less scary going forward.

This resource of the best retirement wishes for a friend should help you get the perfect message for your pal and hopefully inspire you to write from the heart letting them know exactly how important they are to you. A touching and kind word to a good friend of yours will be appreciated as they start their new life.

Sample Retirement Message to a Friend

We strive to guarantee you get a great retirement message and that the process is easy. We want you to be able to offer your retiring friend all the support and help they might need as they take that step into the new part of their life. One way to personalise a card is with a retirement quote that can add some extra words of inspiration to your message.

Funny Retirement Wishes for a Friend

With a good friend you can have a bit of fun at their expense. A joke or sarcastic comment will go over well as you are familiar enough each other to know what they will like. So if you want to have a laugh with a friend about their retiring then try these funny retirement quotes.

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