Retirement Cake Sayings

Do you want your retirement cake to look as good as it can? Then you need a huge selection of retirement cake sayings to give you some ideas and inspiration of how to make your cake look perfect. Thankfully we have a great choice of funny, thoughtful and beautiful retirement cake sayings that will make any confection that bit sweeter.

When someone retires we often celebrate with a party or gathering. And no party is complete without a lovely cake. But that cake needs to be decorated and let the retiree know it's for them. Cakes usually have some message or phrase included on them and when it's for retirement it's no different.

But knowing what to say on a retirement cake can be tricky. There's not much room so you need to be concise, but also get across in a short saying just how you feel about whoever is retiring.

So if you're struggling with the perfect wording for your retirement cake saying then try these examples to fit your cake and wish someone a happy retirement.

Retirement Cake Sayings

happy retirement cake message
new adventure retirement cake saying

Funny Retirement Cake Sayings

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